Nursing professionals and students will get the chance to find work in Australia during the nursing career expo set in Cebu on 4 March.

The event, Australia Nursing Career Expo (ANCE), will take place at Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu City and will present the different opportunities that Australia offers to skilled Filipino nurses.

ANCE in Cebu is the second leg of the series of events organized for Filipino nurses aspiring to achieve global success through international educatio and employment abroad.

The event will feature Vikram Sharma, CEO and Director of Lawson College and a certified Australian Registered Migration Agent, who will discuss how Filipino nurses can achieve industry standard qualifications to land stable jobs in Australia.

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As an Australian Registered Migration Agent, Sharma will also share the latest trends in immigration.

Located in Melbourne, one of the most liveable cities in the world, Lawson College has been a partner with Enhance Visa in helping Filipino nurses achieve their goals in greener pastures.

The Australian government has also recently announced the increase in demand for nurses, especially high skilled ones, in the next five years as their aging population continues to rise.

Opportunities for Filipino Nurses in the UK

Meanwhile, Filipino nurses intending to work in the United Kingdom have better chances now of achieving their aspirations with the recent amendment of the “brain drain” IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

The IELTS has been a stumbling block for many Filipino nurses who want to work in the United Kingdom.

However, with the relaxation of the required IELTS rating of 6.5 in one or two categories, their chances are even better now for entry to the next test– the computer-based test. After passing that test, the nurse can be flown to the UK by the recruitment agency for placement with her employer.

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Philippine Labor Attache Joan Lavilla on Tuesday said nurses will be needed in the fields of cardiology, critical care, cardiac surgery, cardio thoracic, coronary care and catheter lab, and theater practitioners.

“The demand for Filipino nurses is expected to continue in the following months, given that most UK employers prefer to source nurses from the Philippines,” Lavilla said. –



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